For most people, a house move is about increasing the amount of space they have: a bigger kitchen, a bigger garden, more bedrooms, more parking. But for others, such as retired couples or those whose children have all now flown the nest, there comes a time to think about whether they need all the space they currently have.

But moving home is a difficult decision, and when it comes to parting with the place you spent years raising children or socialising with friends and family it can be hard to make that leap and say goodbye. So how can you know if it’s the right decision for you? Here are a few tell-tale signs that it could be time to downsize, and some of the benefits that come along with it.

1.You have multiple rooms that are just being used for storage

When you have a lot of extra space, it can be easy to keep things you no longer need or want just because you have the room to store them. If you find yourself disliking items of furniture or décor but feeling the need to keep them to fill space, it could be a sign that you no longer need that space anymore.

It could be that the room just needs repurposing, into a home office or craft room perhaps. However, if it’s likely only ever going to be used for storage, making it too cluttered to use as even a guest room, it’s probably time to sell. By downsizing, you’ll therefore not only be gaining equity from the larger property, but you could also save some extra cash by selling any unwanted possessions.

2.Your bills are unnecessarily expensive

If you’re paying almost the same amount in monthly bills for heating and electricity as you were when two or three more people lived in your home, you’re probably paying for more than you need to. In a smaller property, you won’t be paying to heat rooms that you barely use or ones that are double the size you need. This is extra money that can then be put into savings or used for renovations to create your dream home.

3.You no longer have financial/emotional ties to the area

Most people live in a particular area because it has good schools nearby, is close to their job, or simply because it was within their budget at the time of purchase. If these factors are no longer relevant to your current lifestyle, downsizing could enable you to move to a more expensive and desirable area that you previously couldn’t afford. Alternatively, it could allow you to move closer to your family if they have relocated since leaving home.

4.Your home’s getting harder to maintain

We all want to live somewhere that we’re proud to call home. If you’re finding it increasingly hard to keep up with all the cleaning and maintenance that comes with having a larger property, downsizing is sure to save you money in the long run. What seem like small issues now may become bigger and more expensive to fix if not addressed, so by moving to a more manageable property, especially one that has been recently renovated, you won’t have to worry about any big investments down the line.


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