Try these simple tips.

1. Your mobile phone if it has a camera will be good enough for taking pictures and videos; there is no need to buy new equipment.

2. We want you to show off your home, think of the key selling points you want to tell us about  – if needed declutter worktops etc. move a few items out of a room for the picture and then return them afterwards, a quick little tidy will really help to show your property at its best.

3. Turn on all of your lights and open your curtains & blinds, getting more natural light in the room will really help with picture quality

4. Most websites and portals use wide landscape images, please take photos or video in landscape, not portrait, this will also ensure you can get as much of the room in the picture as possible.

5. Crating a natural viewing aspect will give a better perspective of the room, try holding your camera at chest height when taking photos or videos

6. Stand in the doorway or tightly in the corner of the room you are in when taking your photo, to show as much of it as possible.

7. When making a video, slowly sweep the camera/phone from one corner to the other at chest height to give a feel for the dimensions and proportions.

8. Don’t forget the outside – if possible walk around the front and the back of the property, pictures of the garden and any particular features, try taking a picture from an upstairs window overlooking the garden.

9. Please take pictures of as much of your home as possible, from the bedrooms to the basements.

10. Include images of anything that will impact the value of your home –  that might be a spacious garden or a well-finished bathroom, or any quirks or unusual additions that are unique to your property.