There are benefits to both renting and buying a home, so it can be difficult to decide what your next move should be. Luckily, the housing market in Corby has plenty of opportunity for both renters and buyers so there’s a variety of properties to choose from either way.

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Buying a House in Corby

Average house prices are currently sitting at around £198,000 in Corby, much lower than the UK’s national average of £247,000. And with interest rates at an all-time low of  0.1%, now is the perfect time to buy.

On top of that, stamp duty has now been removed from residential properties up to £500,000 helping to save buyers thousands on their next property until March 2021.

Corby has a huge selection of townhouses, modern new developments and cottages thanks to its diverse history as a small village, industrial town and growing community, ensuring there’s something for everyone.

So, should you be buying your next home?

Buying a home offers plenty of freedom when it comes to making it your own. From decorating, laying new flooring or even going one step further and building an extension – the opportunities are endless.

The additional security is also hugely desirable. Knowing you own your own property and there’s no threat of a landlord deciding to sell or wanting to move back in can provide extra peace of mind, especially for families and the elderly. We all know moving home can be a stressful experience regardless of how many times you’ve done it, so knowing you could stay in one place forever can be a huge relief.

When it comes to buying a home, it’s also important to remember the long-term investment you are making. Although upfront costs may be higher due to your deposit, mortgage and solicitor fees, the money you’re paying is going back into your home, giving you a physical asset to sell if and when the time comes. 

Renting a House in Corby

On the flip side, renting a property can be the better option for those looking for a bit of extra space, young families or even those with second homes abroad.

Corby’s rental market is booming with plenty of townhouses, new builds and cottages available. With rental prices between approximately £500 for a 1-bed up to £875 for a well-presented 3-bed semi-detached house (Rightmove), it’s easy to see why renting can be so desirable.

Renting offers plenty of benefits including added flexibility, lower upfront costs and help with maintenance to name a few.

If you don’t like to stay rooted in one place, renting offers plenty of opportunities to move regularly. With short-term and rolling contracts available, you could find a new home and move within weeks. The process of moving is a lot quicker too making renting perfect for short-term moves for work, or if you need more space to accommodate a growing family.

Although rent can be more expensive than paying a mortgage, there is little in the way of upfront costs meaning getting your own place is within your reach if you don’t have a huge savings pot. Whether you just want your own space or fancy living somewhere a little more upmarket without the hefty price tag, renting could be the perfect option for you.

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