In a bid to boost the UK housing market amidst the COVID-19 crisis, Rishi Sunak announced a national stamp duty holiday in July, the first of its kind since 2008. A stamp duty holiday means that buyers in England and Northern Ireland will no longer pay stamp duty on homes valued at up to £500,000. Extended until 30th June and then until 30th September for houses worth up to £250,000 we encourage you to hurry with the sale of your property. Here are our tips for speeding up the process. 

Be realistic in your asking price

A realistic asking price is a key factor to encourage a speedy selling process. Placing your house at an attractive price will boost the number of viewings and in turn, get those offers in. Let us help you value your home at a price which will generate immediate interest by getting in touch today.

Be proactive

COVID has slowed down the chain process involved in selling your house. For example, some mortgage applications are suffering backlogs due to staffing issues. Our advice is to make sure you’re not the one holding up the chain! Make sure you’re being proactive whilst playing your part. For example, sign and return your paperwork on time, and ensure you can be easily contacted with updates.

Think ahead

Thinking ahead and keeping an eye on those two main deadlines is crucial. According to surveys, it takes 4.2 months on average to sell a property – so we recommend getting your offer in as soon as possible. In general, being organised is going to help speed up the selling process significantly, and completing documentation such as property information sheets ahead of deadlines will put you ahead of the game.

Get your mortgage arranged

If you’re buying a property, getting your mortgage arranged before making an offer is crucial if you want a speedy process. The stamp duty holiday itself has caused an increase in demand, potentially slowing down the mortgage process further – all the more reason to get your applications in ASAP.

Use Corby's best estate agent

If you want to get your home sold quickly, Simpson West are here to help. When selling your home, you need to be able to rely on an estate agent with the knowledge and know-how to get your sale moving. As Corby's best estate agent, we can get your home seen by thousands of potential buyers. 

For more information about Simpson West, and how we can help you sell your property as soon as possible, get in touch today. You can call us on 01536 202007 or email Alternatively, drop us a message via our online enquiry form.