With online estate agents heavily advertised wherever you go, you could be easily led into thinking they are out-performing high street agents. However, research conducted by the Homeowners Alliance suggests that over 90% of sellers are still opting for high street branches. Here are just a few likely reasons why. 

Better attention to detail

High street estate agents always pay close attention to detail when it comes to selling your home. We take the time to understand you and your property and use our local knowledge and insight to ensure we market your home in the best possible way. When we talk about our local property experts, that’s exactly what they are. Often growing up in the area they cover, our sales consultants live and breathe local estate agency. 

Building close relationships

As your local estate agent is often right on your doorstep, we have the opportunity to build a close relationship with customers. We’ll communicate with you on a daily basis to arrange viewings, make amends to property details, or help agree on a sale price with a potential buyer. It’s in our best interest to sell your home at the best price possible while helping you to achieve your preferred timescale for a sale, therefore we work with you to find buyers that fall within the right category. Open 7 days a week, our high street branch is a hive of activity and you’re welcome to pop in any time – you can’t do that online! 

High levels of flexibility

Flexibility is often a top priority for anyone looking to sell their home and by using a local estate agent you can be sure you’re choosing the most flexible option. With a team of sales consultants at your high street branch, there’s always someone on hand to help handle your enquiries. Additionally, viewings can be arranged throughout the day, in the evening, and at weekends for no extra charge and you don’t even need to be present, allowing you to carry on with your everyday routine. We reduce the level of responsibility required by the seller. You can be as hands-on as you want to, but if you’d rather take a back seat, we’ll still make sure your property gets sold.

Transparent costs 

Online estate agents often use a fixed-price business model where you pay the fee upfront for them to list your home regardless of whether you sell it or not. However, it’s important to understand that not all online agents offer the same package within this original cost. Like other budget companies, such as airlines or hotels, you often need to pay for ‘extras’ such as professional photography, assisted viewings, and price negotiations, which can soon add up. When you choose a local estate agent, you’ll know that everything you need to sell your home will be included in the final price. Additionally, you only pay after we sell your home, so if you change your mind on your agent, it won’t cost you extra. 

Ultimately, the level of customer service offered by high street branches just can’t be matched by cheap online agents. We go above and beyond to help you achieve your ambitions, providing a 5-star experience along the way.