Nowadays, everyone is a photographer, but that doesn’t mean you should let just anyone photograph your home when you’re looking to sell. 

There’s a reason professional photographers still exist in a world full of smartphones and online tutorials and it’s thanks to their unrivalled ability to create beautifully natural images that represent your home the way it is. 

At Simpson West, we understand the true value of photography and how it can affect the sale or let of your property, using our own experience and expertise to capture the smallest details in all their glory. Working in the industry for over 15 years, we’ve listed below some of the reasons why quality photography will always give you better results – and ultimately improve the chances of a sale. 

Understanding the light 

Most people looking for their next home will be looking for something specific, whether that’s a bright and airy newbuild or warm and cosy cottage. By taking quality photographs we can showcase your home exactly how it should be, fine-tuning the images to ensure they portray an appealing atmosphere to anyone doing some window shopping. We know exactly how to light a room for the perfect result, whether that’s using solely natural window light, or incorporating off-camera lighting to produce the desired effect. 

Fine-tuning the details

We don’t just know how to take a well-lit photograph. The composition is also key and deciding what to include in the frame can make-or-break a photograph’s success. Although there are plenty of ways to prepare your home for its photography session, there are still plenty of things a property photographer will find that you never thought of. Rearranging cushions, turning the vase round to show off the flowers at their best angle, clearing away clutter on the kitchen counter - they are all things a professional will do to make your home look as welcoming as possible. 

Flexibility of equipment 

Most property photographers have a huge arsenal of equipment to use to their advantage when it comes to photographing homes including high-resolution cameras, interchangeable lenses and additional lighting. Wide-angle lenses are perfect for property photography as they can show more of a room in one simple image, reducing the number of images required to show off your property – we all know less is often more. Additionally, making the most of tripods can improve overall image quality, especially when faced with the low-light conditions we often find indoors. 

High-end editing

Taking the photograph is often only half of the job when it comes to property photography. We will always edit our photos to create a more appealing image for those scrolling through. These might only be minor changes but sometimes they make all the difference. From boosting shadows to adding extra vibrancy to the sky, these little changes are what will set your home apart from the rest. Thanks to the high resolution of the images, your photos will be easily edited without any loss in quality too – result! 

So, for those of you looking to put your house on the market, consider whether your local estate and lettings agent is offering free professional photography – you know we are.