There is a myriad of different ways to add value to your home without costly extensions or loft conversions, and many of them, you could even do yourself! Just remember, always compare the cost of your renovations against a potential value increase to make sure it’s worth it.

Carry on reading and make 2020 the year you add value to your home.

Spruce up the exterior

We might not have the best weather for weekly garden parties in the UK, but sprucing up your outdoor space will most definitely catch a few eyes when selling your home. Cleaning up patios, weeding and cutting the lawn and adding some border flowers will make your garden space look much more inviting than an overgrown, unloved space. Constructing a shed could also help to add value as buyers will appreciate the added convenience, without having to do the job themselves. In addition to your garden, cleaning your fascias, soffits and gutters, adding a security light and giving your house number a quick shine can all help to add a few extra pounds to your listing price. 

Make the bathrooms sparkle

Bathrooms are extremely important when it comes to the value of your home so make sure yours doesn’t let you down. If your flooring is looking a bit tired, make sure you replace it before you put your home on the market, especially if it’s faded or damp. Likewise, toilets, baths and sinks should all be gleaming, void of any limescale and other unwanted marks that could bring down the price and reduce buyer interest. Remember, buyers will be looking at all the tiny details so don’t leave any stone unturned.

Update the kitchen

Kitchens are often the big selling point when it comes to putting your home on the market so make sure you’re using it to increase the value of your property where you can. A modern kitchen can add thousands to a property’s value or up to 5.8% of the value according to Move With Us, especially if adding desirable features such as extractor fans and built-in appliances. If you’re not looking to completely refit your kitchen, then painting the cupboards, updating your breakfast table or replacing your tiles could do the trick.

Add a fresh lick of paint

You may not think your home looks tired on the inside, but that’s because you live there every day. When it comes to a potential buyer, they’ll notice the mucky handprints around the light switches, mud splatters near the front door and the scuffs and scrapes that you’ve turned a blind eye to. In addition, neutral colours are far more desirable than striking oranges or greens. If you’ve had your spare room painted fuchsia pink for the last 10 years, consider going back to white or cream so that the next family can make their own mark on the house.

Improve your energy rating

Energy improvements will not go a miss in 2020. With the world ever more conscious of their energy footprint, decreasing your home’s carbon footprint can go a long way. Doubling up your loft insulation, installing an energy-efficient boiler or replacing your lightbulbs to LEDs will all have positive effects on the environment and your listing price. Be sure to tell your estate agent all the energy savings tricks your home as up its sleeve in order to get the best price for your property.


With the housing market on the rise and more people looking to buy their dream home, make sure you get the most for your property in 2020. At Simpson West, we’re always here to help where we can and can even advise on how certain home improvements may affect the price of your property. Call us today for a free, no-obligation valuation and we’ll get you moving.