Rocketing asking prices mean that more and more of us are living in rented accommodation, but when most rented properties come with restrictions on decoration, how do you make your rented house a home?

We’ve got some easy tips to overcome those decoration barriers so you can let out your inner interior designer and still get your deposit back.

Ask Your Landlord

First of all, before you even start to think about what colour scheme you’d like in the living room, the best idea is to ask your landlord whether you can make permanent changes to the property.

More often than not the landlord will be happy to let you make changes to the property, such as painting a few walls and adding some permanent shelving. This is because your changes will probably help attract more tenants in the future.

Just be aware that the landlord will probably want to set some parameters around which type of decorations you can carry out, such as the sorts of colours you can use, and making sure that the flooring isn’t damaged during painting. Additionally, many landlords will simply ask you to paint your home in similar colours to when you first moved in if you do decide to go for something a little obscure.

Layering Works!

This is a great tip for those in accommodation which comes furnished. If you’re not a fan of the landlord’s taste in décor, dress up the existing furniture with different textures. Scatter some cushions or drape a throw over a sofa to make the space really feel like your own.

Invest in Some Rugs

We all understand the struggle of accommodation that has those old carpets and cheap linoleum flooring - that’s where the rug comes into play. Large rugs can cover big spaces easily, and they don’t have to break the bank either. Search charity shops and online resellers for the best bargains.

Don’t limit yourself to one rug either, get creative and pair rugs together, or have several in a room to cover up the existing flooring. It’s also a great way to make any room feel cosy and show off your true style.

Art… and Mirrors

The go-to solution to make a house a home is to decorate your walls. The invention of damage-free picture hanging strips was a God-send for tenants, as now it’s possible to hang frames without any damage to your wall.

Hanging a collection of pictures together really can transform a room, and make it your own personal style. This goes for mirrors too, with the added benefit of making the room brighter.


Plants really bring a room to life. Placing a variety of plants around a room, transforms a room from lacklustre to vibrant in a heartbeat. Plants such as spider plants can also make the air quality better in your rented accommodation which is another bonus. There are so many houseplants to choose from, so you’re spoilt for choice.

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