With new regulations and legislations regarding the escalating coronavirus situation being announced every day, it can be difficult to stay up to date and to understand exactly what your rights are in many financial situations.

While there has been a lot of talk about mortgage holidays for homeowners, we know a lot of people are concerned about how they may be affected as a landlord or a tenant, so we’ve put together everything we know so far to help give you some peace of mind.

What do we know so far?


If your income is unaffected by the coronavirus you should continue to pay rent as normal. Should your financial situation have changed as a result of the coronavirus pandemic and you are worrying about paying your rent for the foreseeable future, you may be eligible for benefits such as universal credit. If it becomes necessary to discuss deferring rent during this period remember it will still be payable at a later date, you should if possible continue to pay your rent to avoid future increases to your monthly repayments.

It has also been announced that landlords are not allowed to begin the eviction process within the next three months, and this period could be extended as things develop, helping to ensure that having a safe roof over your head is one less thing to worry about during this period of increased uncertainty.


The Government has announced an initial 3-month mortgage payment holiday for borrowers who are experiencing payment difficulties as a result of COVID-19. This includes landlords whose tenants have difficulty making payment of rent. The FCA guidance leaves open the possibility that payment holidays may be shorter than 3 months if so requested by the borrower. Some lenders have already written to borrowers explaining the process but landlords should indicate to lenders at the earliest possible time if a payment holiday is desired or needed, and in as many forms of communication as are practical.

As things currently stand, interest will continue to accrue on the mortgage throughout the duration of the mortgage holiday and missed mortgage payments will eventually need to be paid in full.

What should you be doing?

For both landlords and tenants, effective communication is more important than ever. If you are a landlord, reaching out to your tenants will not only help you to understand how they are being affected and what measures you may need to put in place but will also give them some peace of mind that you are there to help them where possible.

As a tenant, if your landlord has not contacted you already, getting in touch with them as soon as possible to discuss your needs or any concerns you may have will make it easier to work out a plan that is suitable for both of your needs, that can then be changed if necessary as the situation progresses.

How Simpson West can help

If your property is managed by Simpson West, we can help you liaise with tenants to understand what steps you should be taking to make the next few months as easy as possible for their individual situations, as well as your own. Whether you are a tenant or a landlord, please message us to discuss any questions or concerns you may have – we are here to help in any way we can.