After forking out for your new home, everyone wants to save money when you’re moving house. It can be tricky, as it’s a stressful time, and paying for people to handle everything for you takes a lot of the weight off your shoulders.

However, there are some great ways you can save money when you’re moving house. They’re simple, easy and effective. So take a look at our 6 tips to help you save money when you move house:

  1. To save money on packaging, there’s always the option of asking your local supermarket or warehouse for cardboard boxes, or seeing if a friend or family member has some you can use. Also check out forums and Facebook groups, as someone locally could have moved recently, and have cardboard boxes you could use. Additionally, consider hosting a garden sale to reduce the amount of clutter you plan on taking to your new home. You’ll save on packaging as well as making a few extra pounds for the moving pot.

  1. To save on removal services, instead of hiring a removals company which can be pricey, you could always opt for a DIY removal instead. Ask friends and family could help you out for free, maybe offer a free takeaway dinner afterwards or drinks to those who agree to help you out! You could also look at hiring your own van to assist your DIY removal so it’s a good idea to decide what’s possible.
  1. However, if you are set on paying for professionals to help you move, the best thing to do is to compare quotes from different removal firms in order to find the cheapest option. Never go with the first company you find and make sure you read the reviews too!
  1. Book a mid-week removal service to get the best value. We all know everything is more expensive on the weekend, so if you can, book mid-week for a better deal. Note that removals firms may also charge higher rates on a Friday, bank holidays or at other popular times of the year – as well as over the weekend – if they deem it ‘peak time.’ Consider the benefits of asking for a day or two’s holiday from work rather than paying the extra to move over the weekend.
  1. One of the biggest costs of moving into a new property can be the utility bills. Make sure you’re shopping around for the best deals in your area as you edge closer to the move-in date and avoid keeping your property on a variable contract for too long. A little bit of organisation goes a long way when it comes to moving home!
  1. Whether you’re up-sizing or moving into your first home, furniture can be a huge expense. Consider searching your local charity shops or second-hand shops, or online market places like eBay, Gumtree and Facebook for some great furniture finds at half the price. There’s always the temptation to splash out when you move home, but you can always upgrade once you’ve settled in.

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