Life seems to have been put on hold over the last couple of months and we’ve spent an unprecedented amount of time in our own homes.

It’s easy to look past the tired-looking walls and clutter that covers the kitchen worktop when you see it every day, but it’s important to view your home from a buyer’s perspective. As restrictions start to loosen and you begin thinking about your property goals, consider whether your home is ready for sale.

1) Paint (inside and out!)

You might love the fuchsia pink walls in your spare room, or the bright green wallpaper used to decorate the study, but soft neutral colours are the way forward when it comes to selling properties. New buyers want to be able to put their own stamp on a place and will be considering how much time they’ll have to spend redecorating when they're looking around your home. Bring everything back to basics with some fresh neutral paint, whether it’s white, cream or grey to make your house more appealing to all buyers.

The same goes for outdoors. If you have a painted façade, giving it a fresh lick of paint will increase the kerb-appeal instantly and buyers will appreciate the extra effort you’ve put in. First impressions count and a great looking property from the roadside will be hard to forget.

2) Get the garden looking great

We mentioned first impressions count so don’t just concentrate on the inside when preparing your house for the market. Tidy up the front garden by keeping grass cut and watered for a luscious looking lawn. Consider buying or growing some potted plants to add colour and vibrance to your garden and pull out any unruly weeds.

If you’ve got paving or gravel in your garden, ensure it’s free of weeds and consider using a power washer to get it looking like new again – you’ll be surprised at the results!

If you’re also looking to add value to your property before listing it, check out our recent article on the benefits of driveways.

3) Replace the carpet – or give them a deep clean

Carpets can be costly and potential buyers are unlikely to want to be re-carpeting a house they’ve just bought. If you’re looking to sell, consider changing your carpets – especially if their style is dated or they’re particularly worn on areas, especially hallways and stairs. However, if your carpets are in good condition, look into hiring a professional carpet cleaner to give them that extra boost. High traffic areas can quickly get dirty without you even realising so remember to lift furniture and rugs to see just how tired your carpets are looking.

4) Invest in some air fresheners

When it comes to buying a home, smell can play a huge part in convincing a potential buyer. Once you’ve deep-cleaned your home, consider investing in some slow-release, plugin air fresheners to keep your home smelling great for those last-minute viewings. A subtle hint of summer berries or fresh linen will add a welcoming layer to your home without overpowering visitors. It’s a good idea to keep the same scent flowing throughout your home instead of choosing something different for each room as this gives an all-round good impression without feeling too forced.

5) Start packing

Regardless of how long it takes to sell your home, it’s a good idea to start packing as soon as you put your property on the market. Start clearing away those items you haven’t used for years, paperwork, cluttered ornaments and old toys that are no longer played with. When stacked neatly in a shed or garage, your extra belongings are out of the way and ready to go, giving your home more breathing space and making it look more spacious.

Potential buyers aren’t interested in how much you can pack into one room so setting the scene with minimal items will help them picture their own future in your home and when the time comes to move, half of the work has already been done!

If you’d like more advice on the many ways to prepare your home for market, get in touch with one of our experienced sales consultants who will be happy to chat it through with you further. As the leading Corby estate agent, we’re here to help you in every way we can. Call our office on 01536 202007 or email

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